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  1. To collaborate with appropriate organization(s) for diagnosis and treatment of individuals with disabilities and/or socio-economic backwardness, and their socio-economic and educational rehabilitation.

  2. To undertake scientific research with the goal of understanding the prospects and process of recovery after extended disability, and translating this understanding to better therapies and public health policies.

  3. Build network and solidarity with individuals and organizations who work for the cause of alleviationof disabilities, their rehabilitation and promote and carry out scientific research to   explore and understand the process of recovery.

  4. To assist and collaborate with any governmental or non-governmental organization in planning for treatment of disabilities, their socio-economic and educational rehabilitation, and for research.

  5. To undertake research and other assignments in any aspect of disability treatment and rehabilitation.

  6. To undertake and implement projects or programs in prevention and treatment of disabilities, socio-economic and educational development of disabled individuals and associated research. 

  7. To participate in and to foster co-operation with state, national and international institutions and associations with similar purpose and to represent nationally and internationally scientific/humanitarian work of the Trust.

  8. To acquire property such as office premises, as well as other necessary equipment and infrastructure for the establishment and institutionalization of the Trust to work towards achieving its aims and objectives.

  9. To raise funds through various means to further the Trust's goals and objectives and to execute all those activities which shall promote all or any of the aims of the Trust.

  10. To utilize the income or property of the Trust towards the promotion and fulfillment of the objectives set forth in this DEED of TRUST.

  11. All the income earnings of the Trust, properties whether moveable or immovable shall be solely utilized for the promotion of the aims and objectives of the Trust as set forth in the memorandum of association and no profit thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus profits or in any manner whatsoever to the present and past member of the trust or to any person claiming through any or more of the present or past members. No member of trust shall have any personal claim on any moveable or immovable properties of the trust or make any profit, whatsoever by virtue of his membership.

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