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Prevention & Awareness on Blindness, Education &

Project Prakash Charitable Trust (PPCT) works towards spreading awareness and prevention of blindness. It organizes free eye screening camps in collaboration with organizations/institutions engaged in prevention and treatment of blindness. 

Apart from the above Project Prakash Charitable Trust also helps persons with disabilities for their educational and vocational rehabilitation. Through its committed and well trained volunteers PPCT identifies the children with disabilities who are in the lack of resources and inaccessibility to the educational facilities and are out of school. PPCT helps them to find the organization/institutions that can address their unmet needs.

The Project Prakash Charitable Trust makes efforts for providing better eye care to the marginalized sections of society and those living in the remote/rural areas in various states of India.  The organization has plans to work towards empowerment of persons with disabilities through education and vocational training and creating/providing job/self employment opportunities to the persons with disabilities. 

The organization is committed to bring about positive change in the lives of persons with disabilities to explore for better therapies/opportunities through scientific/sociological research to help them to live to the full potential of their lives. 
 To achieve the above Project Prakash Charitable Trust seeks to collaborate with likeminded individuals and organizations who are engaged in the welfare of the persons with disabilities and specifically for the prevention and eradication of the blindness.  

  1. Project “Multidisciplinary Approach to Innovative Social Enterprises”

  2. Education and rehabilitation of person with disabilities.

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